Sunrise is committed to strategically connecting others to an integrated response to homelessness through data-informed experiences. We have partnered with various institutions to engage in academic research regarding best practices and innovations around serving populations experiencing homelessness. There are many parts of homeless services that have never been studied in academic research or have been under-studied and we seek to leverage unique relationships with academic partners to bring the best solutions to our field of work.

studies & Resources

Sunrise is grateful to share its research and resources to support the work of service providers across the country to empower people experiencing homelessness. Review some of our recent studies below and learn more about how to partner with Sunrise.

  • Sunrise is currently partnering with the University of Texas School of Pharmacy to study the role of mobile technology as it relates to healthcare outcomes with people experiencing homelessness. Sunrise & UT were awarded a 5-year grant from NIH and working with various community partners as well as listening to the input of people with lived experience of homelessness.

    Journal of Medical Internet Research Paper

  • Sunrise recently partnered with the University of Texas School of Pharmacy to research and study best practices and the liability of storing client's medications for them to be able to access. 


  • If you are interested in partnering to conduct research with Sunrise, please complete the Research Application before emailing Mark Hilbelink, Director, at

  • Please fill out our Research Application to provide more information regarding your research proposal. Please submit your application at least 30 days prior to the proposed research project.

    Research Application