Sunrise leverages humanitarian aid, mental and physical health care, substance abuse care and housing navigation assistance to build on-ramps for services needed to acquire safe, supportive housing. We use key relationships with community partners to accomplish our mission, and we seek to further our work by helping other groups, sharing knowledge and example, to follow us in this work.


Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center strives to empower people experiencing homelessness to achieve their goals by providing comprehensive, integrated services for housing and well-being. We offer whole-person solutions to the whole-person trauma of being unsheltered.


  • Individuals experiencing homelessness often experience relationship problems, physical and mental health issues, sobriety challenges and spiritual emptiness. We should recognize the complexity of the problems and offer solutions accordingly, but we should attempt to communicate our suggestions simply to clients.

  • Our goal is to be armed with enough information to help people take the next step along the pathway to housing and wholeness, remembering that the path chosen is theirs, not ours.

  • We aim to create a dependable resource for our clients that can be the strong foundation for their success.

  • We utilize collaborative partnerships with governmental, educational, non-profit, healthcare and faith-based partners.

  • We strive to give individuals & groups onramps to engage in the issue of homelessness in ways that are both safe and strategically connected to an integrated response to homelessness.

  • Our response to homelessness was born out of Christian faith, but makes space for clients and partnerships of many different perspectives.

  • We desire to see other groups activated into safe and strategic work in their own areas.