sunrise Hub

The Sunrise Hub day center provides services including humanitarian aid, meals, medical and mental health care, mail services, benefit enrollment, IDs, showers and more. This location serves thousands of people on an annual basis, averaging about 300 people per day. Additionally, 6,000 individuals receive mail at this location, creating a steady home base for our clients.



The Sunrise Hub began serving unhoused residents in South Austin in 2015. Sunrise is the only place in Austin where an individual experiencing homelessness can receive all of the services they need in one location. By providing humanitarian aid we are able to establish a relationship with each individual who visits us and then begin to address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness, which ultimately leads to placing them in sustainable housing. 

Our innovative approach and combination of interventions from Integral Care, CommUnity Care, Communities for Recovery and University of Texas School of Pharmacy have created wrap-around services where clients with behavioral healthcare needs can access the care they need to thrive while they are working on their housing plans.

Currently, Sunrise is the only day center implementing a medication storage and adherence program for unhoused residents in Travis County. 

  • The Sunrise Hub (4430 Menchaca Rd) services are offered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Our lines start forming at 8:00 am and services begin at 9:00 am.

    • Clothing
    • Cold Weather Gear (winter)
    • Coordinated Housing Assessments
    • Device Charging
    • Food
    • Food Stamp Signups
    • Hygiene
    • Housing Check-Ins
    • ID Assistance
    • Mail
    • Medication Storage
    • Pet Food
    • Public Phone
    • Showers (9:00 am – 11:00 am)
    • Wi-Fi

    • Clothing Closet with Thrift-Ish Non-Profit (one Monday/month)
    • Community First Village Virtual Tours & Application Help with Mobile Loaves & Fishes/Sunrise (1st & 3rd Wednesdays)
    • Food Stamp Case Management with Central Texas Foodbank (usually Fridays)
    • HIV/STD Testing with AHF (AIDS Health Foundation) (usually Tuesdays)
    • MAP Signups with CommUnity Care (usually Thursdays)
    • Mental Healthcare Intakes with Integral Care (usually Tuesdays)
    • Mental Healthcare Navigation with Integral Care (usually Tuesdays-Thursdays)
    • Mobile Laundry with Mission Accomplished (usually Mondays)
    • Healthcare Clinic & Navigation with CommUnity Care (usually Thursdays)
    • Recovery Lounge (detox, rehab, sober living, etc) with Communities for Recovery & Bluebonnet Health Services (usually Wednesdays)
  • For more information about the Sunrise Hub day center program or if your agency would like to partner at the Hub please email the Hub Lead at

success story

In the heat of the Texas summer, Jade came to the Sunrise Hub with arms tightly wrapped around her body and her exhausted gaze fixed on the ground. Jade came inside for a coordinated assessment and appeared to relax in the quiet, cool office. She quietly shared about her life as a transgender woman. Her life had been filled with one of trauma and chaos and she was ready to escape her unendurable suffering with drugs and self-harm. Jade had been living on the streets after escaping domestic violence. Through the struggles and pain of living unhoused in Austin, Jade spoke about the community and comfort of friends she found on the street. She shyly shared that she had been leading a breathing exercise with a group of people waiting outside the Hub helping them to feel better about facing the day. Jade was full of hope. Through the assessment, she shared she might have housing available to her in another state. We encouraged her to explore that option and within three days Jade returned to Sunrise - phone in hand confirming her new housing. Jade’s face lit up as Sunrise purchased her the bus ticket for her travels. She asked if she could check in when she settled in, and left with her assessor’s business card, a plan and a promise that soon we would celebrate her fresh new start.