All season long, you are helping Sunrise to spread joy!

For Isabella and Shawn–just two of Sunrise’s hundreds of clients–the holidays are now filled with laughter, joy, and family time.

Isabella had been homeless off and on since experiencing domestic abuse at just 13 years old. She had slept in parks, shelters, cars, couches–anywhere she could find to keep her three children together.

After nearly five years on Austin’s housing waitlist, Isabella connected with the Sunrise Housing program and moved into an apartment! She is excited to have a fridge full of groceries for her and her children.

Shawn and Eileen have three little ones and a baby on the way. Even though Shawn had been working to provide for his family, there just wasn’t enough to make ends meet. They fell behind on rent and were evicted.

When Shawn met the Sunrise Mobile outreach team, he felt relief.

Shawn's cousin in Atlanta had room for them in her home, but Shawn and his family had no way to get there. Sunrise purchased plane tickets, food, suitcases and car seats for Shawn, Eileen, and their children to fly for the first time. They were so excited for a second chance in a new city.

No one should be alone during the holidays.

Since May, Sunrise has moved more than 90 households from living on the streets to living with family and friends through our diversion services.

We need your help to move the next 100 families home. Donate today and give the gift of home.