It’s a season of hope here at Sunrise as we help hundreds of people each day take the next right step along to wholeness. Join our work as we walk alongside them as they explore their options!

‘Tis the season for stability.

Roger picked up his first Social Security check from his mailbox at Sunrise. It had been there for weeks because he had almost given up hope. He told us, “I am so grateful for you all. You didn’t give up on me.”

‘Tis the season for connection.

Betty and her elderly father, Matt, have both been sleeping in their car. They came to Sunrise to seek assistance and completed their housing assessment. Before they left, Betty shared, “I haven’t felt safe in so long. I feel safe here [at Sunrise].”

‘Tis the season for recognition.

Michael called Sunrise to get his new identification card printed so he can work towards self-sufficiency during his journey through recovery. He left, sharing gratitude, “Thank you so much - I had called everywhere and no one else could help.”

‘Tis the season for family.

Frances hadn’t seen her husband, Randy, in over two months after he was taken to the Emergency Room. Outreach staff located Randy in a skilled nursing facility and helped Frances reconnect with him using a staff phone. Crying afterwards, she said "Thank you…I was so worried."

For Betty, Matt, Roger, Michael, Frances, and Randy, the next step was Sunrise.

When you give a donation today, you help Sunrise walk alongside these clients – and thousands more – as they continue their journey. Each person who seeks help through Sunrise has unique needs.

Thank you!! No matter the amount you give, our clients will receive connection, stability, recognition, and so much more when you make a meaningful gift today.