This year–for the first time in over seven years–Chris is celebrating the holiday season in his own home.

He could not have done it without the consistent, reliable, and life-changing services from Sunrise. Services YOU made possible.

As one of Sunrise’s first clients, Chris was well known in the homeless community. Throughout his long stretch of chronic homelessness, Chris found himself in and out of the hospital. In 2017, Chris suffered a catastrophic fall from a bridge, which left him with a severe traumatic brain injury.

Chris was paralyzed from the waist down.

After his accident, Chris experienced debilitating memory problems. Although he was sleeping under a bridge, constant police sweeps made it difficult to stay in touch with Sunrise staff.

Yet through the ups and downs, Sunrise remained the constant support Chris needed.

Chris met with a doctor at Sunrise, who helped him find the medication he needed to manage his pain. Our medication storage and adherence program has made it possible for Chris to consistently take his medication for over three years.

On October 30th, Sunrise celebrated Chris’s long journey home.

With the help of Sunrise staff, Chris moved into a fully furnished tiny house in the Community First! Village. He is excited to catch up on his favorite movies and have clean clothes to wear.

Chris's story shows us that healing is possible.

Help us move more clients into housing his holiday season with a meaningful donation. Help heal our brothers and sisters today.